Friday, February 20, 2009

You just might go to your daughter's science fair with your shirt on inside out

I realized yesterday that I went to my daughter's science fair with my sweater on inside out. Great! Okay, here is what happened. Remember the other day when I woke up and walked for 2 mins. 47 secs. Well, my day got even more interesting after I wrote and posted my blog entry. Emma and I made brownies naked. Emma was naked (it is a stage all of my girls have gone through at 3) definitely not me! Absolutely, positively the only person who would want or be allowed to see me do this was at work. God love my husband, he loves everything I do.

Back to my day....Emma and I made brownies and did our usual daily slacker activities. I looked at the clock in the afternoon and realized I needed to get ready to pick up my girls from school. Yes, it was 2:45 pm and I was still in my pj's. Life is great! So I took a quick Dr. Bronner's towel bath. Okay, I need to stop here and say if you do not know about these, you need to. I but the soap at my local Trader Joe's. It is called Dr. Bronner's 18 in 1 Magic Soap. I discovered this perfect slacker bath one day while lounging in the bath and reading the label of the bottle, which is like reading a short story. I learned long ago that being a card carrying hippie girl can be a wonderful excuse to be a slacker...papers everywhere - recycling, dishes piled in the sink - saving water and electricity, need to get those roots touched up - reducing my exposure to harsh chemicals...You get it, right. Well, no time for long shower - Dr. Bronner's towel bath. Great stuff!

Okay, really, back to the story...So I quickly do my towel bath and decide that I am not going to give up, after I get back from picking up the girls, I will run! So I dress quickly in my actual running clothes, grab Emma ( who is no longer naked) and run out the door. I pick up the girls and come back home. Somehow the afternoon flies by in a flurry of homework, whining, guitar practicing, dishes, what have you and I never get in that run. At 5:30 I sign Caroline's planner for the day and see that the science fair starts at 6:00 and not 6:30. Great! I either have time to shower and dress in real clothes or feed the kids. Those darn kids do have to eat! So I feed them and we get ourselves down to the school. I talk to everyone! It is a small town we go to anything. It is a wonderful night, Caroline wins a medal. I take her picture. We are all so proud. We come home and get everyone ready for bed. Then I fall asleep while snuggling Emma in my running clothes and sleep all night.

Well, morning comes and I pop up and get those kiddies ready for school. I drive them into town and come home. Emma and I dance. I write my blog. I actually go for that run and while I am running I realize that I can not zip my sweat shirt up. I have it on inside out. Great!! How embarrassing... So, I would like for my girls to know that slowing down and trying to stay in the moment is a good practice. If you don't, you just might go to your daughter's science fair with your shirt on inside out and she will win!

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