Monday, February 23, 2009

Be careful what you wish for!

Ugggghh! I am trying to pack up my kitchen. It is so overwhelming. I wanted to remodel the kitchen. What was I thinking?? I live in my kitchen. I spend most of everyday in here. Baking cookies, making lunches, making tea, doing laundry, cooking, eating, looking out of the window at the pond watching the seasons pass, feeding pets, making lists, washing dishes the usual stuff. I hated this kitchen when we moved into my husbands childhood home last year. I missed my old kitchen with it's big table; ample working space; metal door covered with my children's art work and our calendar, the open space. This new small L shaped kitchen with no where for a table, no work space, the washing machine and dryer focal point, the free standing microwave oven cabinet with trashcan stored underneath (yum)...had to go! Now!

But here I am a year later and I am reluctant to disrupt my life for something new. I have adapted to this new space. I do not love the kitchen, but I use it! I have put the contractor, John, off for a week and now one more day. I just started packing yesterday and I have so much more to do. They are coming tomorrow at 8:00 am to demolish everything. Yikes! My sweet kitty eats on top of the dryer so the dogs cannot get her food. Where will I put her food? I have tried to turn the dining room into a makeshift kitchen, pantry, office area. It is going to be crazy! John, the contractor, says he should be done in about two weeks. Well he said one week for our foyer remodel he did in December and it took one month!

I guess I really have to be careful what I wish for because here it is and I am second guessing myself. Do I really need this? No! We could have gone on with the old kitchen and been just fine. My hippie girl inside feels guilty for the waste and that we cannot afford a totally "green" makeover. My peaceful, private girl is not looking forward to workers coming and going in my house. All the noise! Well, I am getting what I asked for tomorrow. Here goes. I hope in, I don't know maybe, three months when the kitchen is done I will write the most joyous post, praising my new kitchen. Describing all of the reasons why I am soooo glad I put my family through this.


  1. I know exactly what you mean Michelle.

    I had to be alone a few years ago for six months while refurbishing the old apartment I use to live in with my family and it was a big one. I changed everything from A to Z. I mean everything from the walls, the floors, the kitchen, the bathrooms, etc..I got sick couple of times during the whole process.

    In the beginning we are all comfortable with what we are used to see and enjoy. It will take sometime to get comfortable with old things we change and when it happens you would feel better that you made that decision.

  2. I think I know what you mean Michelle!
    I hope that the kitchen will be new and comfortable soon!
    I smiled when I read your words "hippie girl inside". I know this feeling,too!