Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Never make a schedule

Okay, I have five minutes...I woke up this morning and made a schedule for my day. I should have never done this. I immediately rebelled against my own authority. First on the list - walk on treadmill for one hour. I walked for 2 mins. 47 secs. and decided I was just too tired. I had a meeting last night and took the meeting to bed with me. I tossed and turned for hours. I was planning on getting my two school aged girls off to school and then running (to save time) on the treadmill, may as well get dressed when I get back right and run right??? I forgot that my daughter Caroline's science project needed to be delivered today as we were walking out of the door to go to school. Listen, you might think I am dressed in some kind of work-out attire when I started with the 2 minute walk when I woke up. Well, I was not! I am a roll out of bed, throw on my tennis shoes, bed-head treadmill walking kind of girl. And yes, I am one of those embarrassing moms that drive their kids to school in their pj's. Yikes!! Caroline is struggling trying to carry a gallon of vinegar, a pound of baking soda, the project board, her backpack and lunch box. I am certain she can pull this off and I will not have to drag my lovely self into the school building. God love Caroline!!! She is willing to try, but it is clear that I am going in. Kate, my middle school aged daughter, who is willing to do anything to delay going to school says, "hey, mom just drop her off first. I'll walk her in." I love my wonderful children!! Yes, my dear Kate, thank you!!! I will let you be late and rescue your dear crazy mother. I went home after dropping Kate off at school and tore up my list. I got myself dressed and took little Emma to story time at the library. I will run before I pick the girls up from school....

This took longer than five minutes. I have a 3 year old in my lap. She loves to help, what can I say? She always wins!

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