Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am just living my life

Well, day three. I still have not gone for that run, but I am writing. Hey, I can not do everything. I listened and danced to a wonderful children's CD with Emma this morning. I spent too much time reading past articles on Zen Habits about GTD (getting things done). I was not getting anything done!! But, I felt better about how I do spend my time. Yes, my house is a mess. A low-level mess I would say. It is not perfect, but we have clean clothes, clean bathrooms and clean sheets. I will never promise my family more than this. And hey, most of the time my family does not even really mind not having the those things. I am blessed, what can I say..Yes, we have clutter. Books everywhere, markers, paper, a shoe, blankets, shirt, stuffed animals, cd cover, a plastic plate, among various other things I won't mention ..all decorate my lovely living room. No, my house is way beyond perfect. The spiders need those webs, right???? I am a slacker, but I have read some wonderful books, spent lots of time with my four girls, gone on some peace-filled walks, beautiful kayak adventures, got stuck in the mud at the end of my dock trying to take my girls swimming in the creek, taken beautiful photos, listened to great music, shared a make-shift dinner with friends, tried to train a crazy dog, stayed on the couch just because my cat just climbed in my lap and made my girls late for school, played games, watched cautiously while girls climbed higher in trees, napped all afternoon with a precious baby, been worshiped completely by a wonderful husband...What can I say...Do I need perfection in my housekeeping when I have such a beautiful complete life???Why do I worry about what other people might think??? To borrow the words of one of my girls favorite songs, I am just living my life.

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