Saturday, February 28, 2009

Help! Cat Stuck in Hair!

So, okay once a cat got stuck in my hair. Really. I was sitting waiting for my daughter, while she was having her guitar lesson. My daughter's guitar lesson is at the teacher's house, which is also his art/music studio, so it has this cool funky vibe there. He has several of his paintings, sculptures and Cd's displayed. He is yet to be discovered, but really cool. So I am sitting there feeling cool myself, you know. Reading my book. Then one of his two cats comes over to do the usual sniff test. These are the crazy kind of cats that act like they like you, but if you try to touch them they nip! Well, today I pass the sniff test. I do not know if this is a good thing or a bad thing at this point. On that particular day I took it as a complement. Oh the cat likes me!
So, he is starts sniffing and rubbing his cheeks on my boots. He rolls on his back like he wants a belly rub. Well, I do not fall for that familiar trap! I ignore him. Well, in cat speak this means, I will have her!!! So he jumps up on the window sill behind me and starts to sniff my ear, neck and hair. I must admit I am sort of enjoying this. I know, I am weird. He then gets really interested in my hair. Now, I have this crazy, curly huge mop of hair. Not all of my life, it is just middle-age's gift to me. At forty, my nice wavy hair got a wild hair up it's ass, so to speak and just went berserk. This head of mine apparently is a cat's dream.

I am just sitting there freakishly enjoying this attention from the cat. Feeling pretty cool, absorbing the artistic energy here and then cat gets his paw stuck in my hair. We both kind of look at each other. Neither one of us knows what to do. We are both embarrassed. I am afraid to touch the cat because I know he will bite me and he is just a little tooo close to my neck and ear!!! So for some reason, he decides to put his other paw in my head. Great!!! We look like some weird politically correct version of Tar Baby. I am mortified that my daughter's teacher might see what is going on out in his waiting area, but also sure that someone is going to be injured severely without assistance asap. Luckily, just as quickly as the cat got himself stuck in my hair he bites my scalp and gets himself free. What was the bite all about!!! The cat was mad at me! Maybe I enjoyed that neck and ear sniff just a little too much!


  1. The feline knows what goes on in the mind of a cat...I love cats, wierd critters that they are, but then wierdness is a trait I admire in humans as well. lol

  2. Wow! That was a great experienced is it?! If I were in your situation I will surely panic.

    Just want to ask, what is the reaction of the cats owners?!

    stop cat sneezing